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Flamenco Metronome Basic

3.4 usd

Flamenco Metronome is an application for playing and creating flamenco rhythms in order to accompany flamenco guitar playing. The Flamenco Metronome will help you to both hear and see the flamenco compas while you practice.The Flamenco Metronome Application comes in the following three flavors:DEMO: Allows you to play two pre-configured flamenco rhythms.Included rhythms: 2 * Alegrias.BASIC: Allows you to play all pre-configured flamenco rhythms.Included rhythms: 2 * alegrias, 4 * bulerias, 1 * fandangos, 1 * farruca, 1 * rumba, 1 * sevillanas, 1 * soleares, 2 * tango, 1 * tientos.PRO: Contains all off the above features + contains a full rhythm studio for editing existing rhythms and creating new ones.